My Baker's Dozen

A baker's dozen is a little something extra. Here are some bits representing the thirteenth pastry of my week! 

1. Did you know that Zac loves Milanos? I once tired to make him a DIY version but they didn't quite compare. We found a Pepperidge Farm Outlet Store and there was a whole wall of Milanos!!

2. Finally made it out to Kane's Doughnuts in Saugus, MA. Zac and I got six doughnuts and cut ourselves off before we could actually finish all six between the two of us. Loved this strawberry sprinkled one! 

3. Found a rusty ole' plant stand for $5 in Maine while antiquing and fell in love. After restoring it and adding a succulent garden I'm even more in love!!

4. Made my first recipe out of Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams at Home this week - Chocolate Trinity. Was informed shortly after that Jeni was going to be in Boston promoting her new book, Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream Desserts, the next day! So great to hear her speak and get some samples.

5. Discovered honeysuckle bushes around part of the reservoir across the street. Proceeded to harvest them and turn the flowers into honeysuckle infused olive oil. It will be ready in six weeks! Did you ever pick honeysuckle as a kid? It is definitely a nostalgia trigger for me. 

6. Here is Lolli helping Zac eat dinner - what a pal.