My Baker's Dozen

In ancient times, people took their bakeries very seriously as bread was the often the primary source of food. Shorting a patron on their bread order could result in physical punishment such as getting one's ear nailed to the bakery door. Eek! To avoid handing out "light" loaves, bakers would ensure they always went over and never under by throwing in 13 items for every 12 that were purchased. This tradition still carries over to today and many bakeries will throw in an extra item when customers order twelve. 

To me, the modern concept of baker's dozen means "a lil somethin' extra" since there is no longer a fear of getting one's ear nailed to a door. This act of customer service is baked into (heh.) the industry and provides a sense of kindness and relationship building when it occurs. This is what I would like to do for you, my lovely readers. I'd like to share "a lil somethin' extra" about my life - so without further ado, here is my baker's dozen.....

1. I found out that one of my favorite places - Roxy's Grilled Cheese - who also happened to open a brand spankin' new restaurant this week - has a lactose-free cheddar!! I was able to make a cheddar only sammie and proceeded to smother it in guac and bacon - yup. It was a good day. 

2. My friend Sarah and I had an epic 6-hour long dinner (!!!) at The Butcher Shop in Boston's South End. This is my first food experience with one of Barbara Lynch's restaurants. It did not disappoint. Favorite dish of the night - steak tartar! 

3. This photo is #nofilter because that's how beautiful of a day it was when I decided to run around the reservoir across the street from my house. I am so lucky to have a gorgeous 1.5 mile loop steps away from my front door. I downloaded an awesome app called RunKeeper and set a goal on there for 26 miles for the month of June (roughly 7mi/week) so here goes nothing! 

4. The photo booth company that I co-own, The Danger Booth, has teamed up with Mister Mustache to give away a photo booth prop set!  Click HERE to enter (open until 6/4/14)

5. I am a proud owner of a bike! There is a used bike shop underneath an antique mall that is right next to my work, cool right? I had my bike saavy friend come and help me pick it and I am so excited to start riding it around the city/get really cool helmet hair. 

6. This is a silly photo of Lolli I snapped - I picture her yelling "SILENCE!!!" from her stool throne. We did lots of playing with the new toys she got from her birthday party last week.