My Baker's Dozen

A baker's dozen is a little something extra. Here are some bits representing the thirteenth pastry of my week. 

1. I had a picnic with Zac at the reservoir area across the street. We brought some sparkling lemonade, watermelon, charcuterie, and our Jambox to set the mood. It was such a lovely day!

2. Zac and I were each sent a shaving kit from our friend at Harry's!  I must say this is the best razor I have ever come across. Smooth legs for daaaaays. Did you know that it is owned by one of the co-founders of Warby Parker

3. I've been wanting to pickle for a really long time and I finally did it! I made some dill chips and they should be ready (fingers crossed) by mid-July. Check out this awesome cookbook I used, The Pickled Pantry, featuring local Boston Pickler - Grillo's Pickles.

4. Guys, Shashuka. Believe the hype. This is a north-African dish consisting of eggs poached in a flavorful tomato sauce and accompanied by crusty bread for sopping up every bit. A new favorite of mine and made excellently by Tatte Bakery & Cafe in Boston.

5. Okay first - this is the most underrated photo on the internet. Second, meet Harvard Dangerfield a Boston therapy dog that had a birthday party this weekend to raise money for K-9 First Aid Packs. I wasn't able to attend but I did make this photo my new desktop background - tiled. 

6. Here is Lolli directing her next box office hit.