Mast Brothers Chocolate Almond Cake

Have you had a chance to check out the new Mast Brother's cookbook? I had it pre-ordered sitting in my Amazon shopping cart for months before it came out. When it finally arrived at my doorstep I was surprised and thrilled to realize how heavy it was. I thumbed through the shadowy chocolate photographs and recipes and quickly understood it was more a narrative than a cookbook. I would need some time to digest this.

A week later I spent a Sunday afternoon with a cup of tea reading the cookbook cover to cover. The story of Mast Brothers Chocolate is so interesting, organic, and real. I especially loved the portion on their sea salt supplier from Maine. I found myself at the end of the story with a fierce respect for these two brothers from Iowa. I highly recommend you check out this cookbook for yourself.

Now here's where the story gets interesting - Monday. I was on the bus home from work cumplusively checking my instagram account when I see the Mast Brothers had posted a picture 12 minutes before with the caption below urging their Boston followers to come a book signing at Formaggio Kitchen which is a specialty grocery store that I could blow a paycheck in. With the cookbook fresh on my mind I definitely HAD TO meet the author. I checked my phone - 6:05pm and the signing ended at 7pm. My ride home would take me at least another 25 minutes and from there I didn't even have a car! 6:20pm: I come up with a brilliant plan to call an Uber taxi from the bus to pick me up an my house and we would arrive at the same time. 6:25pm: Damnit! Go two stops too far due to being distracted by booking taxi. No matter - Uber says I have 7 minutes to get home. 6:25-6:28pm: - running down Mass Ave in clothing that is unacceptable to be running down Mass Ave in. 6:29pm: Stop for breather, phew! Must continue in the name of chocolate. Uber calls - they are already at my house and I am not there. Terrified panic they will leave without me, start running again. 6:33pm: Barge into house in a whirlwind to grab cookbook to get signed. Make two second eye contact with my roommate and scream "I will explain laaaaaaater" as I run out the door 6:34pm: Panting in the taxi. Tell my driver where to go, should take eight minutes to get there. Do a mental happy dance for pulling this off 6:43pm: Still not at Formaggio. Start panicking again only 17 minutes left in the signing!! 6:47pm: ARRIVAL!! Meet Rick Mast and tell him how much I loved his cookbook, try some bomb Mast Brothers Chocolate, and walk 25 minutes to the nearest bus stop to get home.

Success? Success. Book signing like a champ.

I chose the Mast Brothers Chocolate Almond Cake as my first pick out of this book. The almond cake was moist and rich with the notes of high quality dark chocolate. Hershey's and chocolate like this live on entirely different planets. I can't wait to make more treats like chocolate souffle and chocolate lava cake out of this awesome cookbook!

To get this chocolate recipe and others check out the Mast Brothers Cookbook:

Mast Brothers Chocolate: A Family Cookbook

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Photos by: Zac Wolf Photography