Marathon Monday

It's my first Patriot's Day in Boston and I'm very excited to experience my first Marathon Monday. I've always been one to get emotional about overcoming immense obstacles in sports and this marathon feels no different in that respect. As I walked down Boylston today, I felt the busy energy in the street, saw the rafters towering and ready for spectators, and observed a semi circle of huddled Bostonians and visitors at a memorial set up with daffodils and racing flats. I weaved through the crowd of excited blue-and yellow clad marathon-enthusiasts all clutching clear Adidas shopping bags and digital cameras . I began to feel pressure in the back of my eyes and my chest get tight. I felt an admiration for this race, and a true pride for this city. So much had happened in the spot that I was standing in on Boylston just one year ago. Even though it was terrifying and hateful - this year these feelings and moments will be replaced by those of happiness, accomplishment, and strength. Congrats to all running this year's Boston Marathon - my heart and cheers are with you!

From Top to Bottom
1. I recently received a Le Creuset spatula and absolutely love it! Solid everyday kitchen tool.
2. Big fan of Joanne Chang and her Boston based bakeries - Flour! Check out these Oreos
3. This bright yellow Kitchenaid blender is great for a pre-run smoothie or green juice! 
4. Continue carb-loading with Blue and Yellow Sprinkles for a post-marathon cupcake celebration! 
5. These homemade granola bars deserve a gold medal in deliciousness
6. Love the vibrant royal blue Soda Stream for a post-race bubbly drink!