Tutorial: How to Frost a Cloud Cake

This past weekend I celebrated my 22nd birthday with a gold themed party! When you turn the age of the date you were born on (i.e.22 on the 22nd), it is called a "Golden Birthday". The fact that my last name is "Goldring" just added to the excellence of this theme. The timing of this party was happy hour (aka - Golden Hour) and I set up a dessert bar with all gold color treats. There was also golden savory items, such as sweet potato fritters, and golden drinks that included bottled cream sodas and a hard basil-ginger lemonade. Below are some instagrams captured throughout the night:

The Golden Hour

In front of a wall of shimmering gold fringe garland, I had tart lemon bars, golden Oreos, gold chocolate (rolos, reeses, nuggets), chocolate cupcakes in gold wrappers with gold sprinkles, and doughnuts with homemade honey and orange-cardamom glazes. At the top of my three-tiered cupcake tower sat a 6" chocolate cake iced with homemade vanilla butter cream and decorated "cloud-style". A large "22" cut out of glittery gold craft paper and held up by lollipop sticks protruded out the top (in case anyone forgot).

Cloud Cake

The idea for the cloud cake came from one of my favorite food blogs - Annies-Eats. My guests were probably under the assumption that I elaborately decorated the cake to show off for them but in truth it was all for my personal experimentation hehehe. Frosting the cake cloud-style was a way to make a cake fancy without the use of fondant (costly and often difficult to work with). The technique is actually super fast and simple.

How To Frost a Cloud Cake
From: Annie's Eats

1. Frost the cake with a crumb coat of frosting (vanilla butter-cream recommended). This layer does not have to be pretty and should be quite thin. It basically just seals in the crumbs so the next layer doesn't have specs of cake in it. You can do this with a knife or off-set spatula.

2. Let the cake chill for 20-30 minutes

3. Fit a pastry bag with a round tip, any size will do but larger is probably better than smaller.

4. Pipe a line of equal sized dots vertically down the side of the cake. Use the back of a clean spoon to spread the dots sideways. Repeat with another line of vertical dots overlapping where the previous dots were spread. Spread those dots sideways too. Make sure to clean your spoon each you spread a row. Repeat until all of the side of the cake is covered.

5. To cover the top, do a spiral pattern starting from the center and working outward (or inward if you want) with the same dot and spread technique

6. Chill until ready to be served. I believe that cold cake is the best kind of cake.

I can't believe I'm 22!!! It's my lucky number so there must be a fantastic year coming my way. Thank you to all my friends that helped me celebrate my birthday - you guys are amazing! Also, no thanks to you for helping me eat my birthday cake because I definitely did 3/4 of that by myself. Just kidding you guys are great.