Hazelnut Mud Pie

Back in December on a holiday time visit to Florida, I went on a pilgrimage to my absolute favorite barbecue restaurant with my dad. Cafeteria trays in a row, we made our way down the line and passed slow cooked pork, juicy ribs, mounds of mac and cheese, collards, and biscuits, and arrived at the dessert case before the register. I always chuckle at that dessert case with thick slices of red velvet cake, massive pecan brownies, and parfait cups filled with banana cream pudding. How could I POSSIBLY fit in dessert with food piled high on my plastic and butcher paper lined tray? I tell myself that after the meal I might make my way to the back bakery and grab a cupcake for the road and every time I find myself stuffed to the brim with southern comfort food. No, I did not need a cupcake - I needed a nap. 

But as we stood in front of that dessert line my dad spotted a Mississippi mud pie and requested that I please make him a mud pie one day. My dad is not one to make requests - he likes the occasional red velvet cupcake and chocolate chip cookies are just fine with him (like father like daughter) but when he asked for a mud pie - I knew i had to deliver. 

A traditional Mississippi Mud Pie is composed of four parts - a chocolate crust, a layer of flourless chocolate cake, a layer of chocolate pudding, and a layer of whipped cream. I wanted to put my own twist on it. The flourless chocolate cake became a brownie created with Boston's own Taza Chocolate Hazelnut Bar. The chocolate pudding is flavored with a generous portion of everyone's chocolate-hazelnut spread. The cocoa powder and decorative cocoa crispys used were both Valrhona. It is a decedent, fabulous, chocolately mess. I tried very hard to get a photo of a slice with each of the layers defined but like most southern food, this pie was created not to look pretty, but to make someone smile. 

Mississippi Mud Pie - Dedicated to Dad
Sorry you live too far to eat it :(