Dessert Pizza

Two of my favorite things in one entry! How can I possibly go wrong? Last week Zac and I were invited to a make your own pizza party. As a joke, we showed up with our dessert pizzas in Domino's boxes. The hosts stared at the boxes with tight smiles and forced "oh..thanks.." until they opened the lids and realized we were not infringing on their delicious pizza's by bringing crappy other pizza to the party. Gotcha!

Dessert Pizza is as customizible as regular pizza, but I like to look at it as two distinct categories, much like a red or white pizza. Dessert pizza either has a chocolate "sauce" (frosting, Nutella, ganache etc) or a cream cream "sauce" (pastry cream also acceptable). The cookie all varies from chocolate chip, to double chocolate, to sugar, to peanut butter. Anything you want! And the toppings....oh the toppings! Just go nuts really.

I chose to make one pizza in each category. My chocolate pizza features a chocolate chip cookie base, coconut (for it's striking resemblance to shredded cheese), snowcaps (nonpareils), and white chocolate covered pretzels. My cream cheese pizza is begins with a sugar cookie base and is topped elegantly with strawberries, blueberries, and kiwi. Two very difference experiences. Two very delicious pizzas. What will you put on your dessert pizza?


Dessert Pizza
Since the recipe varies so much, I'm just going to give you some tips:

1. bake your cookie in a 9-10" spring form pan. It's what gets it nice and thick!
2. Pre-made cookie dough works just fine for this!
3. Wait until the cookie is COMPLETELY cooled to frost or it will be runny!
4. The cream cheese frosting is sweetened with sugar and a splash of lemon and vanilla
5. Fruits that brown quickly are not ideal for this pizza
6. Cut with a knife, not a pizza cutter (I know it is tempting)

Photos by: Zac Wolf Photography