Cranberry Ginger Rosemary Spritzer

Cranberry Ginger Rosemary Spritzer

Cranberry Rosemary Spritzer | Becca Bakes (

This week, I took a slight deviation from the world of baked goods to bring you a fizzy holiday drink!

I never really liked soda. I prefer a boring glass of water to carbonation that fills my nose with bubbles and makes my tongue feel as though I slurped down pins and needles. As life went on, I learned to tolerate sodas in everyone's favorite classy drinks such as a rum-and-coke and a vodka-sprite. Oh yes. Now that those days are behind me, and I drink for taste rather than outcome - I've found a new favorite way to add carbonation to my beverages - ginger beer!

I love ginger. Give it to me candied, crystallized, pickled, dried, peeled, sliced, and diced -give me it all! As you pull this drink closer to your lips, the ginger flavor jumps up and tickles your nose reminding you of it's strong presence in your Cranberry Ginger Rosemary Spritzer. The rosemary does well to compliment the ginger with a pungent and sweet simple syrup. The cranberry adds bite, color, and festiveness. Pop a few on top and watch the bubbles rise and adhere to their vibrant red skin. And of course, don't forget the gin! This seasonal drink is sure to be a fizzy sensation at this year's holiday party!

Cranberry Rosemary Spritzer | Becca Bakes (
Cranberry Rosemary Spritzer | Becca Bakes (

Cranberry Ginger Rosemary Spritzer
Yield: 4 Drinks
Level of Difficulty: Beginner


  • 2 sprigs fresh rosemary
  • Β½ cup sugar
  • 1 cup water
  • 2 cups cranberry juice (NOT cocktail)
  • 1 cup gin
  • 1 12oz. bottle ginger beer
  • cranberries & rosemary sprigs for garnishing
  • To make the Rosemary Simple Syrup:
  • To serve, fill each cup with the spritzer and garnish with pomegranate seeds & a sprig of fresh rosemary.


  1. Make the Rosemary Simple Syrup: Put rosemary sugar and water in a small saucepan and heat over medium high heat until simple syrup boils. Turn off heat and let rosemary steep in the simple syrup for at least an hour. Remove the sprigs and any leaves that might have strayed. Allow to cool completely.
  2. Make the Spritzers: In a large pitcher, mix cranberry juice, rosemary simple syrup, gin and ginger beer. Stir well. Chill.
  3. Garnish: Fill each cup with the spritzer and garnish with cranberries and/or a sprig of fresh rosemary. Cheers!

Adapted from: Shutterbean
Photography by: Zac Wolf Photography

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